Company Overview

LUGE CART WORLD (LCW) is based in one of the most adventurous nations of the world, New Zealand. We are committed to providing customers with high quality Luge Carts and associated Luge track systems infrastructure. Our expertise comes from many years of development, experience and testing. Our products are designed to meet the best maintenance, durability, and operational safety standards.


Our People

The people of LCW are engineer’s designers and builders with a passion for life, fun and adventure. We bring all of those qualities to our products and design for those who wish to own and operate their own Luge Cart park. 


Our Customers

Luge Cart parks are becoming one of the most desirable outdoor adventure tourism attractions in the world today. Adventure tourism businesses and leisure ride operators globally are beginning to recognize the potential value of having their own Luge Cart park attraction. LCW is committed to providing world class products to these new enterprises.


Luge Carting

Gravity simply delivers a ride that is thrilling enough for the extreme adventurer yet enjoyable for older and younger riders. The riders manage their own speed, therefore self-regulate their own experience. Luge carting is an addictive activity with sufficient control to manage speed and G-forces to suit all skill levels.


Track Design

Luge tracks must be constructed to a very high standard to ensure longevity and a smooth track surface. An interesting route design with enhanced features will provide an enjoyable and thrilling ride, while simultaneously managing rider safety. Design of a world class Luge track requires professional analysis and understanding of the topography. For those seeking this service please contact our sister company Luge Adventure Developments.


XL8 Luge Cart

Our XL8 Luge Cart is the latest model from years of development. The XL8 meets the highest standards of construction and operational safety, with maintenance enhancements and strengthening applied. We believe it is the very best Luge Cart available in the world delivering a high quality ride experience for the rider.


Business associates

As mentioned previously, our sister company Luge Adventure Developments, engages in Luge track design and consultancy around the world. Our engineering & manufacturing support is with Pyramid Engineering Ltd. For testing track systems and carts we have access to the Silverdale Adventure Park which also operates as a fully functioning Luge operation open to the public. On closed days we are able to perform tests on our latest Cart designs and seek improvements to our track and barrier designs. You can see the Silverdale Adventure Park on their website at