Company Overview

LUGE CART WORLD (LCW) is based in one of the most adventurous nations of the world, New Zealand. We are committed to providing customers with feasibility, conceptual planning, Luge track design, consultancy and Luge cart manufacture. Our expertise comes from many years of development, experience and testing. Our product is designed to meet the best maintenance, durability, and operational safety standards.


Our People

The people of LCW are engineer’s designers and builders with a passion for life, fun and adventure. We bring all of those qualities to the table for those who wish to investigate and ultimately construct their own Luge cart park.  We provide all the technical design information needed for a client to create a successful Luge cart operation. Our consultants will travel world-wide to inspect/survey a clients proposed site to ensure number one; they are feasible and number two; if proven feasible, provide conceptual designs leading to construction plans, Luge cart manufacture and a completed project.


Our Customers

LCW will only provide service and carts to commercial businesses and operators. We do not sell Luge carts as single items or in small numbers to private individuals or groups where the carts could be used in uncontrolled environments.

Luge cart parks are becoming one of the most desirable outdoor adventure tourism attractions in the world today. Adventure tourism businesses and leisure ride operators globally are beginning to recognise the potential value of a Luge park attraction. The excitement factor experienced by riders, of all skill levels and ages, makes visitor attraction and visitor return numbers extremely high. This equates to a potentially high return of investment for business operators and investors of a luge operation. Luge carting is an all year round activity but is also a great option to utilise existing infrastructure in a winter destination that has a potentially high summer visitor numbers such as ski resorts.


Luge Carting

Gravity simply delivers a ride that is thrilling enough for the extreme adventurer yet enjoyable for older and younger riders. Because the riders manage their own speed they self-regulate the experience. Luge carting is an addictive activity with sufficient control to manage speed and G-forces to suit all skill levels.


Track Design

Luge tracks must be constructed to a very high standard to ensure longevity and a smooth track surface. An interesting route design with enhanced features will provide an enjoyable and thrilling ride, whilst simultaneously managing rider safety. Design of a world class Luge track requires professional analysis and understanding of the topography, choosing the optimal route down the site and taking advantage of the natural features of the site whenever possible. Correct application of super elevations and optimal cornering radiuses will create racing lines which ensure, and many other influencing factors. Thus track design is a science and art in its own right.


Introducing the XL8 – Luge Cart

Our XL8 Luge cart is the latest model from years of development. The XL8 Luge cart meets the highest standards of construction and operational safety, with maintenance enhancements and strengthening applied. We believe it is the very best Luge cart available in the world delivering a high quality experience to the rider.

Some riders of luge tracks and carts have no conscience to ‘care’ for the infrastructure. As a result the Luge carts can be subject to vigorous use beyond normal operating expectation. Therefore our XL8 Luge carts have been designed and tested to withstand extreme use and impacts. The XL8 Luge carts components meet high standards of design, safety and construction.


Environmental and Sustainable Impact

We define environmental sustainability as low energy demand, low waste output and long term enhancement of ground, water, air, audible and the visual attributes.

There are fundamentally only two inputs required to keep luge carting operational; overcoming gravity and park enhancement opportunity.

Overcoming gravity; it takes energy to move people and equipment up an elevation so this ends up being the primary use of energy.

Enhancement opportunity of the site; Improvements to the natural environment by a variety of means including site clean-up, waste removal, weed control, habitat recovery, and planting of new vegetation are readily achieved. We believe these activities add capital value to the operation yet are low cost and long lasting.

Luge cart tracks are at ground level therefore the visual impact itself is low. When landscape improvements have taken place in the months after construction the track site can become an attractive landmark.

Aerial transport systems (chairlifts) are very quiet in operation but because of their height can have a visual impact depending on the site position. However their presence in the landscape can also act as an attraction to the Luge Park, like a landmark. Modern chairlift systems are also contemporary in design shape and form to make them visually pleasing. Incorporating a cart delivery system on to existing infrastructure (eg ski fields) is relatively easy. 


A commercial luge operation - Considerations

The following considerations are what you will need to establish as a sustainable facility:

  • Sufficient finance to finish the project. LCW services are only one part of your financial planning. Construction cost planning is the responsibility of the client. 
  • A suitable location combining suitable terrain and good access or proximity to the target market
  • The location will need to provide for the transport servicing of the expected visitor numbers, including car parking, buses or other transport systems
  • The terrain will need to be geo technically stable
  • The topography will need to be in a range of slope from 5 to 15 degrees
  • There will need to be a reasonable sized platform either existing or viably constructed at the top of the site for reception of the carts and rider preparation
  • Correctly designed and constructed concrete luge cart track
  • Sufficient luge carts to service peak load periods and carts that will be out of use in preventative maintenance program
  • A rider return transport system which can be as simple as a truck or as large as an aerial skyway(s)/chairlift – depending on the terrain, visitor numbers, scale of the project
  • A luge cart return system may be integrated with a chairlift system or a separate solution
  • Cart handling and storage facilities
  • Visitor and staff servicing facilities; food, shelter, restrooms etc
  • Luge cart maintenance facilities
  • Emergency services access
  • Utilities; water, waste treatment, electricity, etc


Business associates

Luge Cart Worlds engineering & manufacturing support is with Pyramid Engineering Ltd and Silverdale Adventure Park Ltd is the location of our test track which also operates as a fully functioning Luge operation open to the public. On closed days we are able to perform tests on our Cart designs and seek improvements to our track and barrier designs. You can see the Silverdale Adventure Park on their website at


Luge Cart World is committed to providing operators with consultancy, equipment and support services for everything Luge cart related. Luging is more than carts on a track. It is an experience resulting from excellence in design and construction.

Please contact us if you are interested in building your own Luge park at